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Hey all! For those who happened to stumble onto this page, thank you for reading "Sailor Helga"!

Wow, it's been three years since I've finished "Sailor Helga", and I'm still getting positive feedback on the crossover. I even had someone review the story on Youtube!…

I'm so happy to see that there is an audience for a story that combines my favorite Nicktoon and a popular anime. Though I'm not the first or the only one to beleve this - here on Deviantart you can find several drawings of fanart combining the two shows together. There is even a piece of fanart making the rounds on Tumblr that currently has close to a thousand reblogs. Amazing!!

It is now 2014, and as many are already aware, Sailor Moon will finally be getting a reboot this summer. It's incredible to see a series, now over 20 years old, continue to inspire and to have a strong fanbase. I can only hope to see the same happen for "Hey Arnold!" someday - we might get The Jungle Movie yet!!

I've been asked from time to time if I intended to to continue the "Sailor Helga" saga. After finishing the story in 2011, I put it on the backburner to focus on another crossover fanfic I was writing, "Pataki Magi Helga Magica"… .

There was a period of time last year when I really started to get disenchanted with the "Hey Arnold!" community, so much so that I intended to distance myself from the fandom,… .

But to be honest? I miss writing fanfiction, and now that we are getting a fresh new take on Sailor Moon, I feel emboldened enough to finally revisit the "Sailor Helga" universe.

Some of you may notice that I only have the original 6 chapters of "Sailor Helga" on Deviantart. The reason why I've held off from posting SGR is because I intend to write a prequel that may require me to make some slight retcons to the plot (kinda like what I did for my TJM fanfic; the version on is slightly different than the version I have on Devantart).

I also want to write a sequel that focuses on Lila as Sailor Earth. I haven't decided which story I want to write first, but they are ideas that have been floating in my mind for some time now.

Okay! So that is where I stand write now. I've opened a new account on Archive of Our Own to post "Sailor Helga" on another website, but aside from that I'm just biding my time before I make the plunge to finally start writing again! As always, if you like the story (or if you want to bitch about how terrible it is) please don't hesitate to leave feedback on this page, or leave me a review/PM on - you can even contact me on Tumblr if you feel like it, as I check my inbox periodically.

So that's it! "Sailor Helga" isn't dead, folks, and neither is my zeal for both series! Whether or not we ever get a sequel to "Hey Arnold" you can guarantee there will be more to anticipate from this crazy, stubborn fan.

Til next time! ;)
Hi got some hey arnold ideas for anyone intrested the first idea is in an attempt to understand helga whose being bossy then useally and normally is.  Arnold , Harold (considering he the one who made her afrid of her feelings) Phoebe invents a time machine and goes back in time when they were pre schoolers and leaarn about her trouble homelife while coming to terms with his own feelings and attempts to find out what happen to his parents as well (may be a sci fic alntive universe) . The second idea is Helga wakes up one morning and find Arnold and pheobe missing and no one seems to know why or even remember them not even Arnold grandparents. Helga is relcent but is forced to team up with Gearld in an attempt to find anwers and find the two touchstones of her life. Finally shreck from the movie returns and learns about helga role as deep voice and kidnaps her and phoebe to get revenge on both her  for her part in his downfall and on arnold and gerold

Sorry for the spelling but I want to see who was intrested int hese ideas
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angeliniluis Mar 25, 2014  New member
Hi there. I just saw a message u left in my hookuy's account, i believe a few years ago. So sorry to answer u so late. Let me tell u that we haven't done any new work related with Arnold since those u have seen. But I'm really glad u like them, and happy to see people following that show even now.

I'll be watching u guys! Who knows what will bring tomorrow? ; )

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